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Allied Health Business Growth: 4 rules your practice should be following…

A blog post from including information on KPIs and measurable indicators to track in your practise has a blog post that includes summarised information on several KPI's you can track in your practise related to business growth and business health:

"Rule 3 for allied health business growth: Track and measure KPIs

Effective systems also allow you to measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will enable you to monitor and achieve your growth goals.

Fundamental allied health business KPIs generally include:

  • Total number of hours available for treatments per week/month

  • Total number of clients/patients booked per week/month

  • Average $ spend per client/patient

  • Number of new clients per month

  • Number of clients rebooked per week

When you are able to track and measure the above, the benefits are wide-ranging. You can plan your work flow and staff roster; better manage your expenses, budget and cashflow; and, of course, provide clear insights that will allow you to set and monitor your growth trajectory"

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