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GST for Psychologists - 2020 update

Updated: May 28

Tax talks is one of the best information sites I've come across that covers the specific issue of GST for Psychologists and the treatment of different client types and appointment types in regards to GST coding and whether the ATO considers each situation as a GST Free Health service or not. If you are starting a private practise I highly recommend you read this article.

Before you leave my site to jump over and read the tax talk article linked below, don't forget to contact me if you would like a quote to to support your Business and be your Professional Bookkeeper (do your BAS, Super, PAYGY and PAYGI reporting, be a go between you and your Accountant and help you with spreadsheet modelling if you are growing your business with subcontractor or employee allied health practitioners, invoicing systems for using XERO to code and pay your subcontractors and service fees, and customised regular video updates from me to you, explaining exactly how your business is going and your financial health).

Here's a quick 30 second video for you to watch:

And now to the Tax Talks article....

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