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Professional Bookkeeping &  Accounting for Psychologists

Are you a Psychologist, Therapist, or Allied Health Professional starting a private practice for the first time, or an existing practice needing support? Allied Health Accounting Solutions specialises in partnering with organisations and sole traders – it’s our passion!  For a fixed weekly fee with no hidden charges or add-ons 

we will support your business and take full responsibility for coding, reconciling, BAS’s and end of year tax prep for your accountant.  You will also benefit from our clear monthly reports of your profitability and ATO liabilities – no late BAS’s and no more end of year surprises!

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“I don’t understand what’s happening anymore. I started off really well several years ago doing my own bookkeeping and things were going well, but then the business started to grow and I got really busy. Now I seem to be constantly behind with my BAS and Bookkeeping. I have no idea where all my cash goes and its really stressful for me.”

“I don’t even know if it’s worth being in business. I used to work as an employee Psych for someone else and I’m sure I made almost as much money as I do now but I had so much more time and less paperwork. I wouldn’t even know if I’m making good money compared to other Psychs in business.”

“I have very little trust in my own bookkeeping. The paperwork is all there and I do my best but I don’t have the time to process, code and store all the financial paperwork. It’s not up to a professional audit standard and I’m not sure if I’m under or overpaying my GST or missing something important.”

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I hope the ATO never audits me!

Is it even worth being in business?

Where is all my money going?

Psychologists worry

We can help you

take back

your weekends



We reconcile all your bank accounts and prepare and lodge your BAS and IAS so you can focus on your clients and if needed we can help out with your payroll processing.



We take control and responsibility for pro-cessing, reconciling and filing your expenses and receipt paperwork using ReceiptBank to save you time and energy.



We give you a customised Monthly Profit & Loss report showing a much more accurate picture of your real profitability and where your cash is going to each month.

Year End


We work closely with your Accountant and proactively help to prepare your end of year tax paperwork and drive the process making it much easier for you.

Stick to what you do best. Talking, not bookkeeping

How we help


“Wes has been a huge help for my practice and for the first time I actually understand my finances. ” 


JOANNE Registered Psychologist.

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